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General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. The appointments are available throughout the month. Please visit the Consulate only with proof of appointment.
  2. Booking by one person is sufficient for Power of Attorneys with more than one executant if all are signing one document.
  3. Only the appointment holders for consular services (NICOP, Machine Readable Passport (MRP), and Attestation) will be entertained. Unless necessary due to any physical disability of the applicant(s) or old age in which case the applicant is required to be accompanied by relatives/friends/attendants, please do not bring any family/friend etc. This will enable us to serve better.
  4. The Consulate may deny consular services to those who do not follow the displayed instructions. Your cooperation is requested to ensure quality customer services.
  5. It is better to bring photocopies along with original documents. The Consulate has a facility of a photocopier but it is available at a cost.
  6. Please cancel your appointments in case if you are unable to attend it so that someone else may use it.
  7. To facilitate overseas Pakistanis regarding their complaints related to the government departments in Pakistan or any pending issues, an online Complaint resolution mechanism has been established. Please click here http://complaints.mohtasib.gov.pk/complaints/ and register your complaint yourself.
  8. The Overseas Pakistan Foundation has created an online complaint portal which can be accessed at https://opf.pitb.gov.pk/

  10. The Consulate has limited parking spaces for our visitors. If you find them occupied, please obey the standard parking instructions and especially avoid parallel parking or behind an already parked car. You may face parking fine by the enforcement officer.

  12. Senior Citizens above 65 years and persons with any disability do not need any appointment. They will be treated on priority and on walk-in basis.

  14. The Consulate has an emergency phone number that may be used by the public for out of hours communication with the Consulate in an emergency capacity only. Please do not call this number, but rather send your query by WhatsApp or SMS to 07375072164 and the Consulate will get back to you as soon as possible.