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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can book your appointment through following link appointments

For the required document information visit following web link https://www.phclondon.org/nadra

10:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Prayer and Lunch Break 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM)

Marriage certificate and spouse ID card (in case spouse is Pakistani national) are required for modification of marital status.

Both cash and card facilities are available, except 2nd Saturday of the month. On Saturday its cash only.

You can apply for POC (Pakistan Origin card) through the following link https://id.nadra.gov.pk/pakistan-origin-card/

The Consulate has its own 14 parking slots for the visiting applicants, in case of no free parking space at the Consulate's reserved parking slots, the vehicle can be parked in the nearby pay & display areas.


For Urgent application £72 Delivery 2 Weeks


For Normal application £44 Delivery 6 Weeks

Including bank charges.

NICOP is issued to countries having Dual Nationality agreement with Pakistan. List of Dual National Countries is available on following link http://www.dgip.gov.pk/files/immigration.aspx

While POC (Pakistan Origin Card) is for the people having Pakistani Origin having nationality of the countries which are not in dual nationality contract with Pakistan. For further details, visit following page https://id.nadra.gov.pk/pakistan-origin-card

The NADRA section of the Consulate remains open only on every second Saturday of month.

Generally all the cards delivered to through DHL courier to the home addressed of the applicants.

Ans. No separate fee is charged for the home delivery

NICOP can be delivered to the applicant on provision of original receipt.

Applicant's blood/immediate relatives (Parents, Siblings, Children and Spouse) can also collect the card by showing their NICOP/CNIC along with original token receipt. Persons other than blood relatives can collect the card on provision of original token receipt, authority letter signed by the applicant along with original card.

Only those cards which are to be collected from office can be collected during normal office timings.

Foreign spouses are only entitled to issuance of NADRA POC (Pakistan Origin Card) after 5 years of marriage by showing marriage certificate and Pakistani spouse NICOP.

Yes you can, NADRA card can also be obtained by applying online from your residence. Please visit http://id.nadra.gov.pk

Note: This service is independently run by NADRA. This service is Free-of-Charge and available to every individual. Charging money for this is ILLEGAL. The consulate does not have any link with this service. In case if you are stuck at any point while processing your card via online system, please use the helpline provide therein. The consulate cannot address your query from its channels

In case applicant's head of family is deceased then the applicant has to first cancel the deceased's person Nadra card and then apply for renewal of his/her card. However if the head of family card is expired then both the head of family and applicant can apply for renewal of their cards at the same time.

Any of the children, spouse or siblings of a deceased person can cancel the deceased person Nadra card, if the applicant exists in same family tree. the applicant has to bring the original death certificate of the deceased, deceased's original nadra card and applicant's valid Nadra card. If applicant Nadra card is expired then for cancellation of their deceased relative card, the applicant first has to renew his card.

The executive token holders have been given built-in priority in the system and the jump the normal and urgent token holders. The priority priority is set in the Nadra application system and can't be bypassed. the same priority is observed at all the Nadra Centres in Pakistan and abroad.

No it can't be done if an applicant parent or head of Family card is expired then first the head of family card needs to be renewed and then the applicant can renew or apply for fresh Nadra card. they they both can apply at the same time for renewal of their cards.

You need an appointment for any passport related consular service. The Consulate of Pakistan, Birmingham does not entertain anyone without an appointment, except in emergency cases.

To book an appointment, you may visit our website appointments

For additional information, you may visit the website of Pakistan High Commission, London at https://www.phclondon.org

Pakistan Consulate Birmingham is located at 10A, The Wharf, Bridge Street, Birmingham. Post Code is B1 2JS

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 1000hrs to 1700hrs. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays.

We are located at the heart of Birmingham City Centre. Our nearest train station is Birmingham New Street Station. For further directions, you may refer to https://www.phclondon.org/birmingham



Our address is: 10A The Wharf, 16 Bridge Street, Birmingham. Our post code is B1 2JS.

We are available to respond to your queries by either email parepbirmingham@phclondon.org or through our Facebook Page at https://en-gb.facebook.com/PakistanConsulateBirmingham

You may leave your suggestions either by visiting our Facebook Page (https://en-gb.facebook.com/PakistanConsulateBirmingham/) or at Google's website by typing in 'Pakistan Consulate Birmingham' in their search box.

We may be contacted either at parepbirmingham@phclondon.org, or through our social media pages at Facebook (https://en-gb.facebook.com/PakistanConsulateBirmingham/) or Twitter (#PakinBirmingham).

We may also be contacted over phone (+44 121 643 1979), but the preferred way for us is via EMAIL so we may ensure a proper and satisfactory response.

We have a limited number of parking spaces, which may be used subject to availability.

In case parking spaces inside are occupied/full, you may either wait until a parking space becomes available, or park outside the building compound. Cars can be parked outside on the road within the Birmingham Council's specified parking places upon payment of nominal parking charges

Valid Pakistan ID card or Pakistan Passport, A bank statement with the account details

A person holding nationalities of two countries is a DUAL national. Government of Pakistan has dual nationality arrangements with 19 countries including UK. Details of these countries are available at http://www.dgip.gov.pk/files/immigration.aspx#IV

Passport (either British or Pakistan) is a must while entering/leaving any country. While NADRA (NICOP) card is a person's identification document, a Passport, in general, serves as a TRAVEL DOCUMENT and should be carried while crossing international borders from one country to another.

In addition, a person should also carry any form of personal identification document (in order to prove his/her identity) as well as a valid Passport (for immigration purposes). Immigration officers at all border entry/exit points reserve the right to ask for personal identity (i.e. NADRA/NICOP/POC cards) as and when required.

You should apply for a new passport well in advance before the expiry of the present one in order to avoid any emergency travel situation. In general, it's a good idea to apply four to six months in advance before the expiry of the present passport.

Details of all types of passport applications are available at Pakistan High Commission, London's website at https://www.phclondon.org/mrp-requirements

For applicants above 18 years, and applying for the first time, we need longer processing times. Since the passports are approved and printed in Pakistan, first time applicants need to go through additional processing procedures which take more time than normal processing times. Please bear in mind that the Passport Department at the Pakistan Consulate in Birmingham collects data of the applicants, while the processing and printing of the passport takes place in Pakistan.

Given the importance of the document, it's advisable that you personally collect your passport. However, we also have the facility to post it to your given address upon payment of additional postage charges.

Yes, you may authorize anyone else to collect your passport on your behalf. However, you need to give him/her a written authorization letter, along with a copy of your NADRA/CNIC card

If a document is not issued from, or generated in Pakistan, and needs to be used in Pakistan, then it needs to be legalized/attested by the nearest Embassy/High Commission/Consulate General.

An attested document serves as a replacement of a 'Stamp Paper', generated from outside Pakistan, to be used inside Pakistan as a legal document.

Legalization/Attestation does not authenticate the veracity of the document. The Consulate has nothing to do with the written contents of the Power of Attorney and is only attesting the signatures.

We legalize/attest a number of different documents, including Powers of Attorney, birth, marriage, character or death certificates, affidavits or bank authorizations etc. further details are available at https://www.phclondon.org/attestation

Pl note that we have DIFFERENT TIMINGS for SUBMISSION of documents (1000-1230 hrs) and COLLECTION of documents (1600-1700 hrs).

Documents are collected from 1000 hrs in the morning upto 1230 hrs..

Documents are returned after completion of legalization/attestation procedure between 1600 hrs to 1700 hrs.

This procedure of Legalization/Attestation includes a number of steps like proper documentation, collection of fingerprints, affixation of stamps, embossing of documents, scanning & uploading of the documents, generating a PASSCODE etc. All this process is completed after the Collection of documents (i.e.in the intervening time between collection and return of the documents).

We do not have any such requirement on our end. However, you need to ascertain any legal requirements from the beneficiary in whose name, you are executing the Attorney.

You do not necessarily need to go to a Solicitor for a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney may be printer on a plain paper, and is to be signed in front of the Consulate's authorized staff member.

There is no specified format of a Power of Attorney. However, a Power of Attorney should contain details of:

  1. The person executing the document (i.e. Name, Address, ID Number, Photograph etc), as well as.
  2. Details of the person in whose favour the Attorney is being Executed (i.e. Name, Address, ID Number or any other relevant detail).
  3. The details of the property/item whose Attorney is being generated (i.e. Property located at ... and the nature of Attorney – i.e. authority to execute sale/rent/lease/... on behalf of the Executant etc).

It's not a compulsory requirement of the Consulate to have witnesses. However, if you have been told by the Beneficiary (i.e. in whose name you are executing the Power of Attorney) to include witnesses as well, then you will need to include witnesses as well, as advised by the Beneficiary.

There is no need for the witnesses to physically come to the Consulate, except when executing INHERITANCE WILL or WISH Documents.

Generally, you need to bring along the original document along with a photocopy of the original document, two passport size photographs and your ORIGINAL valid National Identity card.

Details of documents required are available at: https://www.phclondon.org/attestation

All the persons executing the Power of Attorney need to be present while submitting the document as their fingerprints and other details are required. However, any applicant (or their authorized person) may subsequently collect the document on their behalf.

You may have your Pakistan's ID card (CNIC/NICOP) processed for renewal, and we will attest your documents attested simultaneously.

Pl see the answer above in the General questions section.

Pl see the answer above in the General questions section.

Yes. Any number of persons can collectively execute a Power of Attorney.

Usually the validity of a Power of Attorney is 120 days from the date of its execution/signature. However, the exact validity is to be checked/ascertained by the end-user (i.e. where the Power of Attorney is to be finally presented).

Validity of any other type of document may differ – depending on where it is to be used/presented.

It's the final destination (where the legalized document is to be presented/used) that limits the validity of the attested/legalized document.

Pl see the answer above in the General questions section.

Attestation/Legalization Service is provided at home only in case of Senior Citizens (more than 75 years of age), or those who cannot visit the Consulate due to medical conditions.

The Attorney appointed by you needs to go to the Foreign Office in Islamabad (or Camp Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in all the provincial capitals), and get the document verified/attested there using the given PASSCODE.

We have suggestions Forms available over the counter. We also have Complaints Forms available over the counter. Pl ask for one if you need to submit a Suggestion/Complaint. You may also directly approach any one of our officers available at the first or second floors of the Consulate building.

You may leave you feedback at any or all of the following links:


To leave a review on Google, just type in 'Pakistan Consulate Birmingham' in the Google's search box.

For additional queries, you may also visit https://www.phclondon.org/attestation-faq

Attestation fee of Power of Attorney varies depending upon the number of executants. Click the link to view the fees: https://www.phclondon.org/attestation-fee

The High Commission has nothing to do with the written contents of the Power of Attorney and is only attesting the signatures.

No. All the executants have to be present in front of Pakistan High Commission's official along with original and valid Pakistani IDs.

No. Valid IDs (Pakistani Passport/NICOP/CNIC) are required for attestation of documents. However, if you are a British passport holder, the documents can be attested/ legalized from The same documents can subsequently be attested from this High Commission.

Yes. On the basis of valid Pakistani passport we are able to attest your documents, as we have to verify your signatures only.

No. Document originating from Pakistan needs to be attested first from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or one of its Camp Offices (at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta).

Yes, but only after the poll deed has been attested / legalized by the Legalisation department of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The applicant has to bring the following documents

  1. Copy of Pakistani CNIC,NICOP/Passport (valid or Expired)
  2. Copy of state ID or driving licence
  3. Come to the Consulate in person

There is no fee for attestation/legalization of pension papers/life certificate and no appointment is needed for it. Applicants for attestation of these documents may walk in and get the document attested.

Additional Information

For Pakistan Online Visa application please the the following link https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/.


Please note that all visa to Pakistan is Online since 1 February 2021. The processing time for Online Visa is 7-10 working days. In case you do not upload all required documents , your visa application will automatically be returned to you and it will take another 7-10 working days. Please do not book your flight to Pakistan until your visa application has been approved and you have received visa Online.